Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crocheting with Jute String

This year I decided to experiment on alternative materials for crochet. My first experiment is with Jute.

I tried to use Jute string on a bag, and a purse, but it all didn't work. This Jute string I got is as thick as the worsted weight acrylic Red Heart Super Saver, but it's much much thicker and coarse-r, is there such a word?  I attempted a basket, however, I already have this basket from the Christmas Noche Buena Pack that my husband brought home, so why do I need to crochet one, when it's too hard on the hands? :)

I bought a pack of jute string with 4 balls each.

I used the green Raku Raku crochet hook. It's still hard on the hands.

I frogged this square and made a longer one....

I found out this coarse-ness just perfect for a placemat that we can place on our table. It works very well on trapping the heat, so it protects the cover I placed on the dining table.

I added rows and edging of southmaid cotton 8, DK weight , in 2 strands held together, to break the monotonous look of jute.

Jute String Placemat - A free pattern, is posted here :  Jute Placemat Pattern
Project Details in Ravelry:
Introduction: Jute, Alternative Material

To summarize my experiment on  Jute String:

1. Jute is coarse and thick, and is perfect for projects that take advantage of  thickness and coarseness of material, like baskets, coasters etc.
2. Maybe if there is a thinner strand of jute, then it can be used in a softer bag.
3. It's pretty hard on the hands, so big sizes of aluminum hook are perfect for this material.
4. Jute has a natural color of brown, and it can be combined with cotton yarns and other materials.
5. It should be hand washed separately.


  1. Your notes are very helpful, Bheng! Thanks!

    I almost got myself some jute string from the 88-peso store a few months ago but I shied away at the last minute because I knew I'd need a lot to make a bag. :)

  2. thanks :) I also tried to make a bag, but it didn't work :) medyo makapal ng sobra ung nabili ko eheh pero tingin ko if mas manipis pwede naman :)

    1. Minsan pati yung ball ng gray na plastic rope gusto kong bilhin at i-crochet. Hehe.

      Naisip ko, bagay rin siguro yung jute sa storage box.

    2. heheeh oo nakikita ko rin un eh :) nakaka tuwa lang kasi mag experiment :)

  3. Jute can be used as a sole for slippers too. try nyo! samahan nyo ng acrylic yarn maganda at matibay na. kailangan lang nga size K or J na hook.


    1. thanks for your tip :) I referred a customer to you, I hope she contacted your already.. she's looking for someone who will make amigurumi dolls for her... :)

  4. hi! can I ask where did you buy the ball of jute string? yung tingi-tingi lang kasi yung madalas ko mabili e. Thank you! :)


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