Sunday, May 8, 2016

Time to Say Goodbye


Today, I am saying goodbye to my blog; this is going to be my last post.   I want to say my goodbyes properly. I want to end things on  a good note.

I am NOT doing this because something wrong happened to me.  Honestly, I really don't have anything more to share here in this blog. 

I started this blog in July 24 2008.  I kept at it for almost 8  years. I am going to miss my blog for sure, but I have better things to think about  now and focus all my attention on.   Crochet is just a hobby now.

And the best thing of all? 

I can enjoy crochet and knitting, just because I do: no more grand plans.. no more goals.. no more pressure on myself to document the projects that I did, or even talk about the process it took to make a project.

Through this blog, I met a lot of strong, talented, and beautiful women ( and men), and made friends with some of them.

To the ladies of my Crochet in the Philippines Group,  and a special mention to Ate Judy, Cat, Ate Mimi, Ate Fe,  you have always been kind and supportive. Thank you very much!

I hope that in my own ways, I am able to inspire someone to give crochet a try :)

For the people who read and visited my blog when it was active, thank you !  I wish you all the best of luck in all your endeavors.

Life is too short to just stay in one corner, doing the same things over and over.. there are  a lot of other things to try and experience, a lot of places to visit...  A lot skills to be acquired, lessons to be learned...  and  memories to make...

Life is beautiful but it is short.. Let us live it to the fullest!


I will leave this blog online for a while because of the free patterns and tutorials here. My hubpages site; Handmade by Bheng will remain online as well.

As for my stash busting, which I think will take some more time to finish, I am taking it day by day,  in a leisurely manner. In this way, I am able to make sure that I am able to give the best customer service to who ever is buying my yarns and other items I collected in the past 8 years.

I was able to "collect" about 163kgs of yarns since 2008. That is 8 looooooooong years, and so it might take about the same time to dispose them and bring the bulk to a level called " acceptable".

You may visit my Facebook page : Handmade by Bheng and my Instagram Account: handmadebybheng for the yarns I am offering for sale.  I don't have an online store. I am merely stash busting and offering my items for sale to interested buyers. After all the stocks I decided to sell are gone, I will stop selling.
See you around!

Handmade by Bheng;

I will stop blogging, but I will not stop crocheting :)

A lucky cat for added luck!

Confessions of a Yarn Hoarder Part 3: Total Yarn Weight

The total weight of yarn, I hoarded in the past 8 years is : 163kgs.

Here are the pictures...

Now, since I am receiving offers from my previous customers and some new contacts, I will not post the prices of these items here. I will update them in my Facebook page after we are through negotiating.

Some of the yarns are in Bataan. I will have to make special arrangements on how I will retrieve those.. You can always send me a private message if you are interested in buying any of the yarns here. Please,sure buyers only.

I did not say that I will sell all of them. I will keep some of my favorites, but I am willing to sell 85% of them.

For practicality's sake, I will  do this final stash busting in a very very careful manner. No rush orders, no panic selling etc. Haste makes waste, and that is tried and tested.

I will also reduce the volume of crochet and knitting magazines and books that I own, and even craft tools that I have in stash, I will sell those.

I took the pictures at night.. I will have to do this using day light. So will take better pictures of yarns per lot next week.

Wish me luck! And thank you very much for reading.. Please feel free to share this :)

Friday, April 29, 2016

Confessions of a Yarn Hoarder: Part 2: I stopped counting

I decided to stop counting the yarns.  I was exhausted.

I realized there is really no benefit,  in knowing exactly how many skeins or how many cakes are in there at this time. The closest I got to counting the entirety ,  is to get  the total weight of all the yarns.

Next week I will post the picture of all the yarns I own. And that's it for me.

This year is a challenging year, but am used to having a lot of issues in life, I am but used to it. I know that all of these will pass.

I want to focus only on important things moving forward.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A Finished Off

I finished this motif  just recently, just to satisfy my craving for a finish off. I miss crocheting ...

I added way too many petals, so it curls up like that, which is intentional, because I want it to look like a flower.

After I finished this off, I realized how important my goals are for this year, and I cannot really afford any more interruptions.

So , how about you? have you finished any project yet this year?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Getting the hang of online stash busting...

After weighing the contents of the first box of yarn that I own, I felt exhausted.  These are some skeins from that box which I forgot I actually own.

Here's an example:

I like this yarn but I will offer it for sale.

Now, I recently joined the stash busting activity by the Sugar Free Yarn group, owned by Sheila Laurel and her friend Jheraeh. While I haven't really sold any skein in that stash busting, I was able to re-introduce my old yarn shop there.

I guess at this point in time, where there are a lot of affordable yarns to choose from, Caron Simply Soft yarns are not as in demand as they were in 2012.

I regret not offering them back then, but that is okay.  There are a lot of people who told me they like the colors that I have, but they just don't have budget for those at this time.

I made some sales.. amounting to Php 950 on my first week of trying this stash busting. Sabi nga sa amin sa probinsya, hindi ka naman makakapulot ng Php 950 sa daan .

Now, I'm rounding up new yarns from my boxes to offer for sale. I don't want to overwhelm myself so I'm taking it one day at a time. Besides, at this rate it is more manageable to handle the inquiries and the orders, unlike what I did in 2012.

I'm also still experimenting and getting to know the "market". It is only temporary though. I really don't have any intentions on opening my  yarn store again. I'm just doing this for stash busting.. nothing more.

So up next on my stash busting are these yarns:

These are paper yarns. I got the blue and the green ones. I have 8 skeins of each. These are also discontinued so make sure you got enough skeins for your project.

I will recommend this yarn for use in accessories, or use it to  accentuate a project  The yarn has a very interesting mix of colors , and while it is made of paper, it is actually washable.

I really like this yarn, and I might keep a skein of two to experiment on texture later on, but that is not a priority. If you like this yarn, please visit my Facebook Page : Handmade by Bheng.  Thanks!

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Getting back on the Yarn Market Scene

I am trying to reduce the bulk of yarn that I own. That is my goal for this year.  I am not going to reopen a store. I am just stash busting.

I recently joined this stash busting activity:

I am trying to slowly get back to the  Pinoy Online Yarn Market if you can call it that.

Here are some of the first skeins of yarns which I decided to offer for sale:

I decided to add yarns for sale every time I get to sort a portion of the stash.. this way I can have more progress .. rather than waiting for me to finish counting everything...

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