Sunday, July 5, 2015

My Formula against Psoriasis Part 1

I had psoriasis since year 2009, or at least, that is when I got properly diagnosed by a dermatologist.  It's already 2015, and I still have it.

When did it start?

I believe that I have scalp psoriasis ever since I was a child.  I remember having a small patch , about an inch or two in diameter, of what appeared to be thick dandruff on my scalp when I was in elementary. My mom will put different types of oil on it, and after sometime, it became a bald patch.

There was 2 incidents in college, when I woke up , with all those red spots all over my body. I will just sleep the whole day, then it will be gone when I wake up. If I only visited a dermatologist back then, I might have been diagnosed early.

When I started working in Gilmore, it was a very stressful job and a very stressful schedule, but I was happy there. The rough patch of thick dandruff reappeared, this time, it was wider. After 2 years, I moved to Alabang, and that is when it became a full blown scalp psoriasis. When I got married in 2010, there appeared the first patch of red rashes on my right shoulder, and that is what brought me to the first dermatologist, who insisted right a way that it is psoriasis.

That set of red rashes, will disappear from time to time, until one day , I woke up , with my body full of psoriasis. Two weeks after that I found out I was pregnant. And then, the lesions on the body disappeared, but the ones on the scalp did not. 

Whenever my psoriasis lesions appears,I will avail of a regimen of topical medication, and I will have to wait 4 to 7 weeks, before the lesions will subside.

I went to a total of 8 doctors since 2009, with different treatment commendations, and different opinions.  However, they all agree on these things:

1. What triggers the lesions to reappear, is stress. I have a stressful life, or at least, I am not dealing with stress properly. I don't think I can remove all the stress in my life, I might as well just die if I had to, because there is no such thing as a stress free life, or a perfect life.
2. Since 2009 up until today, my weight has been an issue. It keeps going up, although there are months when I will loose up to 3 kgs, I am not able to loose more and keep the weight off. The heaviest I've been, is during my pregnancy, but that is something that is excusable.  My son is now 3 years old, and I am still weighing my post natal weight .  I honestly look 5 or 6 months pregnant.
3. Working on night shifts, has aggravated condition, because of my already sedentary lifestyle. I was very rarely out in the sun.
4. There is no cure.
5.  All of the 8 doctors said that having psoriasis is an indicator that my immune system is not working properly. That is very scary.

I used to think that I can life harmoniously with psoriasis. There was a time, when I really stopped all types of medication and just decided to ignore the lesions left in my face. There is really no cure anyway, so why bother. Well, I decided to really break up with psoriasis for good.

In 2014, I only have a very few lesions in the body, and several in the scalp.  They are very few and I can count them in my fingers . Now, they re-appear full force again all over my body, but most of the lesions appear on my legs. They used to spread in my upper torso and face.

Guttate type psoriasis on my legs
I decided that I want to gain back health, I have been very very careless in the past.

Here is my Anti-Psoriasis Regimen :

1. I decided to let the sunshine in: literally and figuratively....

A view of the skies while bathing in the sun.. see the clothes line?

2. Lots of natural vitamin C.  Kiwi, Lemon , Orange, Strawberry , and Vitamin C supplements

3.Lots of greens: Broccoli, Lettuce, Green Leaves, asparagus, Petchay etc. It's a good thing that I don't have problems eating veggies.

4. Cutivate and Daivobet - I had to apply them until the lesions are gone.  These are prescribed by the dermatologist. I was advised to not use the red one on my face, so I had to have a separate one for it. This is what makes this even stressful.

5. Dose of Omega 3: Oatmeal

6. More Omega 3? Fish / Tuna, and other sea food

7. Lots of moisture:  Lotion , this part I sort of hate.

8. More moisture

9. Zinc.  There are no vitamin Z supplements, so good thing there is a letter Z in this multivitamin.

10. Petra Dead Sea Soap. My sister bought this for me in UAE, , made obviously from Dead Sea minerals.

11. Green Tea  : to drink and to wash with hahahah , not exactly in order.

12.  Tar Shampoo and Clobex Shampoo .This is not a replacement for my regular shampoo, these are used every other day, the other one, every week, until the scalp lesions are gone.

13.  Aveeno Foaming Cleanser - I noticed that my face already has Rosacea. I blush very easily, and while other people wanted "some " color in their face, I will really give everything to look pale.  There are times that I scare myself, to give me the look of "namumutla" lol.

Unfortunately, this is a side effect of having to put all those topical corticosteroids in the past. There is no cure for Rosacea. For now, my focus is to drive Psoriasis lesions away. I heard that this product is helpful.

14.  Lastly, Lots of happy thoughts

I honestly think that it is working, because the lesions starts to fade after a month or so.  The medications in this list should be stopped the moment the lesions are gone.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Farewell

Here is a very popular crochet website:  A Creative Being. Here you can get a huge dose of ideas, knowledge and inspiration.

I specially remember this site for its' beautiful and colorful patterns. such as the Mandala Patterns.

Here is my favorite on her designs: Squares Bag

I've had this qeued for the longest time. ( How many items did I put on queue? )

I heard that the author of the blog, Wink, passed away. The details are shared in the blog by her family. I don't know this designer personally, haven't met her, but still, I felt sad knowing that a fellow crocheter gave up on life.

On one of the her last posts, she mentioned that crochet is no longer giving her the effect it used to give her. It used to keep her sane, she said.  I can relate to the part when crochet no longer works it magic. I seriously can relate to that.

I hope you rest in peace with angels now....

Saturday, June 20, 2015

My year so far.. June 2015

So I started this year with 2015.

I don't have a concrete plan on how to move out of the comfort zone, because I also don't what is out there. So this goal started differently unlike the past  3 years, with defined goals. I don't know how to measure my progress too, but I believe that I am making progress.

Apparently, I now have 11 more pairs of shoes, as a result of trying to move out of my comfort zone. lol bwhaahahaha  This one's my favorite. I started to like this color more and more, but I like on bags and shoes, rather than on clothes.

I'll explain that later..

How is my credit card debt battle going on? I am making slow progress, but progress nonetheless.. ( knock on wood, baka mabati ! ).

I didn't expect another flare out of psoriasis, but then psoriasis is always an unwelcome visitor, so I am taking care of my health now.  I am currently eating more like a rabbit than a human.. because I kept on munching on carrots and greens lol

I decided to let sunshine in too! Been bathing in the sun for several minutes every morning, so I am slowly getting a tan. I am bathing in the sun, because I seriously lack Vitamin D,  having spent 7 years in night shift.

How is my crochet? I am not making any progress as of late.. but I am able to finish a bag.. I'll share more details about this bag later.

I started purging around my apartment again. I have avoided tackling the yarns yet, but I will get to that later. The weather is starting to cool down with all these rain showers, so I guess I will be inspired to deal with the yarns soon.. and maybe I can continue working with the projects that I marked to finish this year?

How about you, how is your year so far?

Making Peace with Your Past

This quote really makes sense for me.

It sounded like I was an ex-convict lol. No, the past I'm referring to , is my messed up credit score.

I cannot find the original quote that I saw before:
" Learn to make peace with your past, so it wont' mess up your future. "

Now, thinking on the same line of thought as this quote, when it comes to finances, this is the perfect reason why you should pay your credit card debts as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will follow you wherever you go..

Compound interest, while a good thing for investments, unfortunately, it does not apply on the debts you have to pay ! ahahhaah

So, I am still on the Me vs Credit card war.. I really hope to end it this year...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wardrobe Goals 1

In my 20s, I sported a look that says: "I woke up , just pulled out some clothes out of my closet and I wore them. " It used to work for me.  But now that I'm in my 30s, I see the need to look like there is at least some "thought" put in the clothes that I wear, and of course, the manner that I wear them.

I just learned that fashion is actually a language. You communicate a portion of your being in the manner that you dress, not really on the exact clothing that you wear.

I don't want my son to remember me as haggard-looking-wasting-away-life, almost disoriented and yet, I don't want to be remembered as too conscious or too vain or too stiff or too fancy.

I guess when you are in your 30s, and already a mother, you have to sport a look that says "I'm in control, son. Listen to me. "  I don't think it will be effective if you don't look  at least "put together" in a way.

Of course, there are still a lot of things about parenting, and simply dressing up better will not make you a good mom. But there is nothing wrong with being a good and fashionable Mom.

This brought me face to face with the most daunting battle yet, in this lifetime ( charot) .  I am purging my closet. It is NOT an easy task, but this is really therapeutical.

Lots and lots of unworn clothes
Another problem that I want to address, is the need to reduce the time it takes to dress up each day.  I can use the extra minutes for more important tasks. And there is the question about the wardrobe clutter.

Clutter and I used to live harmoniously, but then, I don't want my son to have memories with clutter lol bwhahahahahahah

I also noticed that my baby sitter washes clothes every other day, and I see the need to reduce water consumption. I realized that she washes clothes often, because I keep on using the same clothes.

Because she washes my clothes,  which are not branded, by the way, the cheap clothes, are easily worn out. So I need to replace them often, ....... I can go on and on.. but the bottom line, I need to change the way that I dress, much like changing how you eat...

My goals are: ( Not really in any particular order.)

1. Have a set of clothes to wear exclusively for work. Nothing fancy, because we are not required to really dress up very formal, but we are not allowed to wear too casual clothes. We are also in a tropical country,so while the workplace is fully air-conditioned, it's not really advisable to wear those nice crisp jackets.

2. Have a set for other functions: casual days, out-of-town days, special occasions, grocery days,formal clothes.

3. To reduce any excess / unused clothes.

4. To incorporate crochet into the wardrobe.

5. Utilize the existing set of clothes.

6. Remove worn out clothes, or pieces that shows obvious wear and tear, pieces which are over sized already , pieces which are too tight and no longer fits.

7.  To try and have a 40 or 50 piece wardrobe excluding the unmentionables. Just try.

Now, where do I even start?

a plastic cabinet
I live in an apartment for rent, and we don't have built in cabinets. So I really can't install wooden cabinets as I don't own this apartment, and I can't buy a wooden cabinet because my room is upstairs. It's hard to bring furnitures in a limited space on a very narrow staircase, so I have to settle with this cheap looking plastic cabinet for now.  #challengesofatenantmom  lol

The good thing about this cabinet is that , it has limited space, and it will force me to really downsize my wardrobe,  pare it down to basics.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sheep Projects

I found these cute pictures for the 2015 Year of the Sheep. I am not Chinese, but I developed  a habit of listening to the annual Feng Shui predictions, just for the fun of it, because there was a year, that the predictions  all became true.

So I decided I want some sheep projects.... I made brooches in February.

Due to some change of heart,  I am no longer sure if I can still make Sheep Inspired projects though..

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