Thursday, November 20, 2014


Here is my progress on my dream project: Orchid;


This is another blouse for my mom...
I know that the pictures on my blog are crappy.. I'm just hopeless in this department.. maybe I should invest in a camera.. but for the meantime.. these will do..
The bodice of this project is the hardest part.. but once you got over it.. the 2nd part is breeze... I really like the sizing technique that I learned on this pattern.. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Wedding Gown Inspiration: Jean Paul Gaultier

I saw this knitted wedding gown , with freeform crochet details , by Jean Paul Gaultier.  You can check this link  Jean Paul Gaultier.

These are random pictures that I saw on google search...

photo by

this photo is a random google search

I Love it.

this photo is a random google search

Beautiful in every turn....

this photo is a random google search

this photo is a random google search

this photo is a random google search

this photo is a random google search

this photo is a random google search

This wedding gown is knitted, with beautiful crocheted lace accent on the skirt.  This is of course only fitting for a winter wedding.  This is  the most beautiful item, on the exhibit.

It is beautiful in every turn...

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Free Form Crochet

My first free from crochet project will be the bodice of my wedding gown.

I made this gown in an attempt to break free from pattern dependency. Before I worked on that project, I have been practicing free form crocheted netting for a while.. since I started collecting Russian Crochet  Magazines in 2009 ... It is also known as irregular mesh. It's a technique that is synonymous to Russian crochet.

Here is a sample practice piece:

I have yet to complete this project... I wanted to make it into a blouse.

I'm using Anchor Crochet thread size 10.

There is really no right and wrong with freeform.... that is why I love it.

Repeating projects..

If you check my Ravelry profile, you will observe that not only am I prolific, I am also fond of recycling projects, and that I am fond of creating projects from the same pattern , over and over.

While most knitters and crochet-ers don't really like the concept of making similar items over and over, I actually don't mind,  if I am interested with the design.

Take for example these projects:

1. Little Brown Shrug  - I made this 5 times.. in different types of yarns too..

2. Sienna Top  - I made 3.. and I'm working on 2 more...

3. Summer Scarf


I used these patterns; all of them are designed by  Mimi Alelis Designs, to:

1. Study how to adjust / expand sizes.
2. Study yarn substitution and color variations.

Remember that asking questions is good, but you'll never really prove if the answers are correct, unless you see for yourself. Believe it or not, you will learn a little bit more even if you are using the same patterns over and over.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Countdown: Oct 22-Nov 10

I think blogging everyday is not really I decided to just blog when I get to finish a project... 

So here are my finished offs...


Red Sienna

Cap Sleeve Tunic

Actually I had to do a lot of household chores because my kasambahay is on emergency leave since Oct 14. I had to do the laundry, clean up the house, cook dinner, etc..  then I ran out of yarn while making the Red Sienna top , and then I made a lot of  mistakes on the Anthropologie capelet that I had to frog the work to correct the mistake.. then I had to go home on weekends to visit my son in the province...

I have a lot of frustrations.. but I refuse to let those get under my nerve.. I finally succeeded in controlling my temper.. If giving in to your anger will only ruin the rest of your day and will not really change or correct what made you angry in the first place, then better just stay calm.

Choosing your battle really makes so much sense...

Then there is also the All Saints Day Holiday, so we also had to go home to our respective provinces... I was not able to crochet or knit on those days too..

Instead of being angry and being consumed by my frustrations, I started on these two projects...



I am giving myself the whole of November to finish Orchid and Dahlia.... Aja!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Recycled Yarns Experiments: From Peach Scarf to Anthropologie First Frost Inspired Capelet

5. From a Peach Scarf to a Knitted Capelet

Here is another scarf that I bought in Baguio 4 years ago... A peach scarf in garter stitch..

A Scarf I bought from Baguio.

The last cake of recycled yarn from this photo: will be the peach yarn.

The recycled cake of peach yarn,  is on the left, top row.

I like it's peach color, and it is knitted in garter stitch. However, I am now sure if it's going to be enough for a wearable. It took a while to decide on where to use it.  Took me 4 years ! lol

I saw this capelet design 6 years ago. Since it is a knitted pattern, I never really got interested with it, during those times,  until recently, when I realized that this is actually a good practice into making knitted wearables.

I did some research about this Anthropolie Inspired Capelet and this is what Google showed me. The design is from a capelet / shrug sold at Anthropologie, and the name is First Frost.  I cannot find the original photo anymore.

As suggested by the name itself it is an early winter clothing and is made out of bulky yarns. There are 3 patterns, inspired by the original,  which I found to be do-able on my knitting level:

1. Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet
2. Anthropologie Inspired Capelet DK Weight
3. Shrug This

I decided to use my new circular needles: 5mm , 80 cm in length, but I'm not sure if it will follow the gauge set on the pattern.

The patterns starts with a 2x2 ribbing.

first attempt:  ribbing of the peach capelet
I ripped the work after finishing 2 inches of 2x2 ribbing, because I think the shrug will be so small.

I made it wider by starting with 166 CO instead of 90. I also made the ribbing not as wide as the pattern calls for, only 1.25 inch.  The extra 76 stitches are distributed around the work, following the pattern, with 5 knit stitch on the start and end of the row.

I documented my progress Ravelry:  Anthropologie Inspired Capelet, because it is my first attempt for a knitted wearable.

I like to learn about raglan sleeves, so this is a perfect exercise for that.  Here are my progress pics:

I think I will run out of peach yarn, so I decided to find matching yarns or complementing yarns. hence the striping effect... I added Southmaid Cotton 8 in Coral, which complements the scarf yarn perfectly.

One of the amazing things that Ravelry offers is for every pattern, the projects made out of it are linked to it. So you can see the many variations, colors and adjustments, and the notes of the people who made the project. I like this project a lot, and this one too !

When I finished it, I tried it on right a way, and noticed that the ribbing on the bottom row does not have a lot of give..  I originally BO in the usual way as per pattern, I frogged the edging and tried the famous Jenny's super stretchy BO.. and I loved the results better...

This is the cropped cardigan / capelet: fresh off the needle!

I just have to capture the picture.. I can't believe I finished it!
This is my first knitted wearable....
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