Monday, September 22, 2014


Experiences are good, and after 10 years, sometimes, you will even thank God for letting you make wrong choices. They say history looks a lot better 20 years later..

This photo was taken in 2010, after my 2nd Baguio Trip. I hoarded yarns and brought home " recycle-able " scarves, some are very cheap , costs only 10 pesos each. Most of these yarns are sold during my famous de-stash in 2012. But I felt that there is something missing in there... I just can't pin point exactly...

If I knew then what I knew now, that trip would have been different. However, I figured out I won't be able to know the things I know now if it wasn't for those decisions...

Friday, September 12, 2014

WAR with clutter...

Most of the people I've known for a long time, and who has lived with me at some point, know that I am not a very organized person, nor do I ever pretend to be organized. In fact, I am one of those people who see beauty in chaos. I didn't inherit my mom's knack for organizing things.

well, this is an exaggeration.. this was taken when we are already about to move out
However, being now a mother myself, I therefore conclude that I do not have any right to make excuses. I have to face my  problem with clutter, before I can even teach my son anything about organizing things.

Being a busy working mother, made it impossible to have enough strength to check each and every corner of my house. But then, life is short and if I don't deal with it now, I'm afraid that I will never be able to solve this problem.

See how yarns really dominate my house once...

Here is my problem:

I own a lot of things. And as stated above, I am not a very organized person. I wanted to change that , permanently.

I live in a small apartment unit, the only unit that I can afford at the moment. It does not have built-in cabinets, and can get too crowded easily.

I am a working mother, and while I am able to afford house help slash baby sitter, I do not want to end up like those people who relied so much on their house help, that when the house help left, their house was in dis-array.

Having a house help means that someone cleans up the house routinely on a daily basis. And the house is actually OK , however, I feel that there is really a lot of room for improvement. Normally, my helper will clean the house and make the best that she can do as far as cleaning up is concerned.

One problem I noticed is that after she cleaned up everything, and when I want to just check say that box of yarn on that corner, or that cupboard in the kitchen, everything seems to be disorderly again.

Like touch one item and everything will fall out of place.

Our apartment is just so crowded in my opinion. I felt the weight of having too many items back in April and May, when weather is scorching hot, and the apartment is just so hot. Air doesn't circulate properly: because of the poor design for the apartment and our way too many items.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I didn't plan to tackle our too many items for this year as a goal. Actually, I am surprised myself that got inspired to deal with it and change my ways. I started to pay attention with how my belongings has actually weigh down my life somehow.. .back in 2012..  ( see this post ) but now, I declare WAR!

Just like the things that I achieved in the past, visualizing the end result is the first thing that I normally do. So for weeks, I have been searching for ideas. Here are some of the articles online that I read.

article 1
article 2
article 3

I started a few weeks back to take this WAR seriously... and I made some progress..

Using vertical space
Crafty Corner

Somehow, I wanted more...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

And of course, many of my crafty and not so crafty friends, know that I was a yarn hoarder.  I normally separate my craft stash from my personal items. It will be much easier to deal on both at the same time, but not together. So while I  make adjustments on my personal things, I also make adjustment on the crafty things.

I already put the hoarding under control, and while I still make yarn purchases every now and then,whatever amount I spent this year for those yarns, are nothing compared to what it was during 2011 and 2012.

So.. where do I start?

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Utilizing the walls / creating organizers out of none

I firmly believe, that I don't have to add another organizer to my house to organize our things. In fact, I believe that we only have to utilize what is already there.

My apartment does not have built in apartments, but it does have a lot of walls. A lot of vertical space. So, in an attempt to make our apartment more organized, clutter free and breathing, I decided to utilize our walls.

These are some experiments... I hanged the ladles on this kitchen cabinet, so we can better see what we really have.

My baby sitter keeps on arranging things in such a way that items are hidden and I am silently showing her who is mistress of the house. 

I hanged those that can be hanged...

I hanged them too  to avoid cluttering the floor..

Because that is actually what they call an exhaust ( where passes through ) .. which is also the fire exit, which doesn't make any sense because the bottom of that tunnel is a locked door... I can go on the whole day ranting about how the design of this apartment does not really make sense, but no one is asking me to stay, so I better keep my mouth shut and continue with my experiments... hehehehe

I want to repaint the walls, but my husband said that rainy days are not the best time to repaint.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Another Work in progress...

I wanted to make a very good use of the last 4 months for 2014... If I am not taking care of Dylan , or tinkering around the house, or purging ( a new found hobby ) , I am crocheting...

These are the first few rows of the crocheted top that I'm working on. The photo did not give justice to the beautiful warm orange color of the recycled yarn that I'm using, but that is okay.... I'll get a better picture later..

The yarn I'm using is the dark orange on the 2nd picture.. these are the last few cakes of recycled yarns that I kept for myself...

My progress is quite slow because nowadays I was always down with flu, cold, cough and fever. I really hate this time of the year:  rampant rain showers that makes our day damp. Although, on a second thought, I think this is better than the scorching summer that we had last April.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Miss Bunwich

I don't know if there is a term " bun-wich", but I encountered this when I was in college. My transient board mate likes to make small sandwich like burgers, which she calls as such.

Her name is Milka. Ate Milka is just a transient, supposed to stay for only two weeks, but sort of enjoyed her short stay, she decided to stay for 3 more months, or so I remembered. When I met her, she was waiting for her papers to arrive from the agency. She was supposed to go to Taiwan, but decided on the last minute that she should stay and go back to the province.

It was not her sandwich that I remember so much, it was actually, a piece of advise she gave one of our then resident board mates , about love.

One of our board mates then, was having some problems about love. Well, if you look at it now, some 8 years later, I don't really see it as a problem, but at that time, and given our younger age, that is a huge dilemma.

Miss Love Problems seems to be cursed with an eternal broken heart. She  just keeps on having one wrong relationship after another, with the same man ! hahahahahahaha Because of it, her work, her health, her finances, even her attitude was affected negatively.

We love Miss Love Problems. We all do and we are very concerned about her. We wanted her to win and emerge a victor, but I guess, we all have that point in our lives, when nothing really ever works. Each of us had our turns to comfort her, give her advice, create action plans for her, but she just keeps on ending up the same: distraught, heart broken, hurt.

The only advise she hasn't taken at that time, is to break up with Mr Gold Tooth. I will no longer explain why I named him so. It was very mean of me. ( Yeah, I still hate him for hurting my friend . )

Then came Ate Milka, who became privy right away about her situation, not because it's written on Miss Love Problems face, but because she stays on the same room.

I remember what she advised, because it was different from what we have advised.  Ate said that if one person wants to fix her life, for good, she should start first by organizing her personal belongings. All the rest will follow.
I was also a disorganized person, so my attention and imagination was really caught by this advise. Although , at that time, I am also having some more than just occasional relationship problems , thing is, I haven't forgotten how to eat just because me and my boyfriend are fighting. ( Now that I look at it, I actually have a better appetite when we were fighting .) I didn't apply her advise in my situation.

She even pointed out, how Miss Love Problems' day to day life is actually very disorganized to start with, that it literally adds up to her problems or makes it even worse. Which is a good point actually, given that during that time, Miss Love actually forgot her soaked laundry for the whole week,  being absent minded the whole week. She tended to her laundry a bit too late, that the clothes started to smell and didn't dry up properly for the next day.  She was late the next day, and had a lot more to do that whole day at work. She will bring her work at home, so she goes home even grumpier.

We also noticed that she has this habit of forgetting that she was in fact, eating, whenever she receives a phone call or text from her boyfriend. We are eating together once, she practically left her food half eaten and left , just because of a call from her boyfriend.

Her plate was left on the table and she laughed at herself when she returned.

Ate Milka's advise got more support and so we got another action plan for Miss Love. They helped her the next day to organize her closet and she was asked to bring home those that are no longer used to her home town. I remembered that she really went home to reduce the haul that she has in our boarding house, and when she returned, our fashionista board mate lent her, 2 weeks worth of pretty office clothes to wear.

She also had a mini-make over. You see, she doesn't really need a make over, because she is very very beautiful already. I really admire her wide brown eyes.

After her closet was organized, we are all sure that she felt better, because ,  she smiles more often after that and looked genuinely happy. When she had new clothes to wear for work, she practically looked forward to going to work. It was a good sign.

Although , her relationship problems didn't got fixed because she has new clothes to wear for work, the end result is that she finally got the courage to let go of that painful relationship.  She left the boarding after wards, to also get a new environment. I heard she also resigned from her job, where her boyfriend also works.

I haven't heard from her ever since, but I found out that she got married to a man who loves her very much, and is now mother to two beautiful children.

Looking back, I also had my fair share of problems about love, relationships , pain, betrayal, trust, insecurities, lies, and baby fats. I also went through those crazy years of searching for yourself, and trying to prove every body wrong.. Yeah, at some point in my life, I am quite sure that the world is against me. Nothing ever works and I keep on doing the same mistakes over and over.
The boarding house,  eventually shut down and we all moved on with our lives. Most of us has gotten married and settled down.

I always laugh about how we all were during those years in our boarding house. I have a lot of happy memories there. Those years in that house are my most formative ones, because I am what I am right now due, to the lessons I learned while living there.   I miss my board mates too. I miss our stories and the crazy things that we did together. If there is one regret that I have, is that I haven't transferred there earlier.

Ate Milka's advise was something that I remembered , very well, but it took me 8 years to finally understand how it is going to help me. I am not in any way challenged about love, having married the guy I dated for 10 years, twice.

I cannot really say that my life is disorganized too, but I can say that there are things, in my life right now, that I have to face , deal with and improve.  There are things that I want to achieve in the future for my family, and while I haven't really connected the dots ( which according to Steve Jobs, is something that you can only do looking backwards ), I am positive that I should also start by organizing my rather disorganized belongings.

Friday, September 5, 2014


I bought a similar cabinet last 2010. I thought that this is a relatively cheap wood cabinet for Php 6000. It really looks nice on display. You see, that is how I was, very impulsive as a buyer. I didn't realize until it was delivered to our house that this is not wood at all. The material can be described as :  laminated panels consisting of "kusot" pasted together. And it is very very heavy.

My husband dismantled this cabinet into several pieces ( when we are decided to move back to Cubao sometime in 2012) , and did the job very very well, no one can ever put them back, not even himself lol ahhahhahahahahaha

I tried to sell the parts per kilo but the garbage collector said that they will not buy them. I tried to give them away, but it was too much of a hassle for the recipient,  it practically insulted the concept of giving away. I tried to throw them away but they are too heavy  and will not fit the garbage area in our compound.

I asked my Dad to help me, but he told me that I would probably save more money if I buy new ones instead. Poor pieces of laminated wood.. no one wants them in the world!

I ended up hiring a carpenter to do the job, which costs me almost half of the original price of this cabinet for labor and some more, for marine plywood.

I mentioned before on this post that I had the old parts of our cabinet re-purposed into 3 pieces of furniture. So I now have:  a small cabinet to put our small television, a cabinet with mirror and a bookshelf, which converts as cupboard without a door lol

I have other plans for added functionality for these furniture, but right now, I am taking it one step at a time.

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