Saturday, December 13, 2014

And by the way....

The things that we want, either material or not, will not be given to us in a silver platter. We might need to exert effort and work hard to make them happen.

It all starts when we make space for those things.  Sometimes, we  have to swallow our pride and get our hands dirty, not in a bad way, but to really do the hard work.

Pride is a huge pill to swallow, but just like most medicines, which has a bitter taste, we eventually get better once it started to work.

This year has been meaningful, because I was able to see reason beyond the pain, appreciate life not in terms of what I don't have, but those that I have and can still have. This was possible because I chose to please myself, and not other people.

Remember that happiness is a choice. And there's nothing wrong, with being true to yourself.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogging: a look back...

I was wondering if my blog needs some remodelling again...  and noticed this:

I started this blog in 2008. Back in those days, I have just rediscovered crochet and was very inspired with all the things that I discovered in the internet. I saw a lot of blogs, and online stores, so I wanted one for myself too...

Obviously I don't know what to write about during those times, or how to write. I made a lot of changes to the colors, layout, and fonts of my blog, but I forgot the most essential thing for it to become a blog: contents.

I also discovered the potential for earning money from blog traffic and I applied for Adsense. I got approved in a few weeks and that is how my ideas become lofty and ambitious.

Due to my stressful situation during those times, blogging became an on-again-off-again thing for me. There are months when I don't know what to write,  and there are months when I have a lot of projects to share. And it remained like that for 3 years. So for 2008 to 2010.. I have almost the same output... around 30 posts or more each year...

You can say that output on the blog reflects my moodswings. When I feel good, I crochet and blog about it, when I feel bad then I just sulked in the corner.

There are numerous times when I will announce that I will stop blogging for a while.. of what I call as hiatuses.. and then will come back full force to crocheting again. Then something will come up and I will loose interest with crochet.

2011 showed only  27 posts. It was a very dark moment in my life. It was hell. And I became very good in sulking that I don't have a lot of output.

2012 Showed some improvement.. and this is the time when I'm already a mother. This is when I started to face my problems , do something about my recurring problems and make positive changes. I applied it in my personal life and my crocheting life.

I re-opened my  Facebook Page, and began selling most of the items that I own.  I learned a lot of lessons in my first attempt to pursue a crochet related business. But I was not able to go anywhere with it aside from making a relatively good enough dent on my stash.

2013 Showed even more progress, but obviously lacked the lofty-ness.

2014  A lot of posts...but it's much more personal now.

At this point  I was able to stay focused on maintaining my blog. I haven't been on a long break unlike the first 4 years. And you can say that I was able to resolve most of the problems that I faced before.

I know that I gave up on blogging before: see this post.. but then , I was able to make more posts after that ( even if some of them often personal and cheezy. ) . Which is weird.

This year is about to end but I don't have plans on stopping... I reached the point that I finally discovered and accepted what is missing in this blog.

Now the question is.. what am I going to do about it.....

Monday, December 8, 2014

16 days before Christmas and 22 days before this year ends....

Time flies really... So what can one do to achieve more in just a few days... ? I don't want to cram...

Whatever I do, will not really affect my achievements for this year drastically, so I might as well, just try to finish what I can, enjoy the holidays and then plan for next year...

Oh and finish this top too !

Trying to overcome prejudice

I tried offering made-to-order items before, 2 years ago,  but I realized that I'm not yet ready for it. I felt terrible that the output I gave didn't really impress me.

I am also not as patient as I thought myself to be. I really got frustrated because most of the items that are being requested are items that I don't like to make: amigurumis, scarves, baby booties,blankets and beanies. lol

But then, I realized that, you shouldn't say "no" to blessings. And after some thought, I decided to take the challenge.

I realized that there is a benefit on overcoming your prejudice.

1. Amigurumis will make you more adept with small details and shaping, and will improve your sewing skills too.

2.  I made several scarves, and lost them afterwards. The scarves I gave away ended up in some people's closet who does not really wear them. So I vowed never to make scarves again. But then, maybe I just gave them to the wrong people.

3.I can't explain why I don't like booties. And yeah , I haven't crocheted a pair in my 6 years of crocheting.

4. I avoided making blankets because I honestly think that they are very hard to wash and clean. But blankets are good projects to explore different stitches.

5. Then of course, the sizing methods for beanies, will be a good addition to my sizing skills lol

I was able to make these items , which are requested by some of my friends.

A frog beanie.

A bobbled beard
The bobbled beard project came from this pattern,.   Dylan does not really like modeling this project, and he almost cried when I said I wanted to have another picture. Well my son basically does not like anything on his head and face , except for his favorite pair of shades.

I was generous with the yarns. It doesn't matter if I used more expensive yarns, I was only oncerned with the final look. I am a bit proud, although , I still need a lot of practice.

My husband is laughing at me, because I realized one huge mistake after weaving all the ends of this pink beanie:

First attempt; used pink for the part that says black!
Corrected the colors.

I know that there are things that I still need to improve in these beanies, but I'm a newbie beanie maker. I'll try knitting beanies too.

I can now go back to my cropped top projects, which are requested by another friend. And then maybe finish my Orchid.


Sunday, December 7, 2014

On blogging and writing

There are blogs that I follow, which are not really related to crochet and knitting. I follow them because I love what they are sharing. I learn a lot of things in life from people who takes time to share.

While I'm not really a writer, and not really aspiring to be one,  I realized that writing ,more or less, helped me sort out my thoughts. And that is perhaps what I have done for most of this year.

I finally realized what my blog is lacking... and those are things that I will try to fix in the future. Of course, I don't aim for almost impossible things like I did before , see this blog post.. Honesty. But there are things that I just want to "finish".


For this year, I already gave up on ever using up  all my acrylic yarn stash, but I did put up a good fight. There's just so many of them, and I only have 2 hands and my eyes are really starting to complain.

I will try to finish the cropped tops that Em requested and the other item that another friend ordered. After these 2 projects, there is the rest of the rows remaining for Orchid and my Dahlia project. And then the linings of all the bags I finished this year. After that, that's all for me this year...

I hope to really stop crocheting all the rest of the holidays...


Some feedback received...

I recently received a message in Facebook  from someone who I just added.,  and I'm a bit surprised and flattered at the same time, because I didn't expect it.

She told me that she would like to thank me for sharing where I buy affordable yarns , and it brought me back to days when I was really hunting yarns under the scorching tropical climate of our country at 2pm in the afternoon.  Apparently, it helped her in a way when she found sources of more affordable yarns.

I realized that maybe that is why I now have psoriasis.. I rarely receive vitamin D, having avoided the sun unintentionally for the past 4 years! Whereas in those years of my yarn hunting, I am literally bathing in the sun just to buy those yarns...

Come to think of it, I never thought that there are people reading my blog. So this message in facebook totally made my day.

So I guess, why not continue sharing?

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