Friday, March 27, 2015

WIP Throw back

I started this project on February 6 2011. This is supposed to be a knock off , of the famous Jennifer Aniston's Crocheted Luau Dress , from a certain movie .

I tried to reverse engineer that dress, going as far as tried to get the full sized poster of the movie, so I can see the stitches better . Of course, I was not successful in getting that poster.

I tried several times, but obviously failed to make my own pattern. I was able to get a free pattern for the dress.

Now, that pattern does not have a gauge swatch. It's free and the designer can decide on what information she wanted to share. It's free and you can't complain. I didn't mind, but I didn't finish my dress, because I have some serious issues with sizing.

It's been 4 years, and yet.. I still wanted to finish this project.

Aside from this Luau Dress, I still have 6 other projects which I marked as projects that I should get over with this year.  Goodluck talaga sa akin.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Where to start?

Here are photos of my work -in - progress projects.. I don't know what to pick up first..

Shrugs Springs Eternal:


Tunic Lace Top using Baguio Cotton Lace Yarn

Pattern testing for Imeng:

And some others I forgot what they are supposed to be....

This is what I hate with what I'm doing. And I'll hate myself more if I will have to do a "finishing what I started" part 2.

Maybe I needed rest?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starting from Basics: A Swatch

When I started trying to make crocheted wearables,I always skip making gauge swatches. It was a very big mistake, and I realized later on , that the reason why my wearables does not fit very nicely was because I made them either too big or too small than what the pattern calls for.

So, I decided to overcome that little prejudice. I literally forced myself to make gauge swatches. This next project is no exception. I will not mention the pattern yet, I just want to focus on the process itself.

My dear aunt requested a pink top, and while I wanted to make another Orchid top, I don't think that I will have enough time. I needed to finish this end of April.

Originally she wanted a black long gown, but maybe , she realized that she will not really have a lot of use for a black gown, so she changed her mind and wanted something pink instead.

I will try to block this piece and measure it afterwards.  I am using 2.75mm Clover hook and the famous Baguio Cotton Yarn.

I am not really in the mood to crochet, honestly, I lost my momentum when I got sick, but I can't really let that stop me. Ending the year  "na naka-nganga", is not really a nice thought right? hahahahaha

So I am forcing myself to get back into crocheting mode.

Craft Stores in Quiapo... Introduction

I was a beadwork enthusiast, before I even picked up crochet in 2008, so I visited these stores on my quest for the cheapest beads.

There are no yarn shops in Quiapo.  Yes, you read that right.

There are however, craft stores, where you can buy all the beads that you want in your lifetime. There are general merchandise stores that sells yarns though, and cross stitch materials,but this street in Quiapo,I don't know what it's called, is where you can get beadwork stuff and then some.

It is still worth a visit... I promise..

Yarns are not the main products here. But they do have some yarns.

What I meant by Quiapo, is that street, in front of ( or was it on the side)  dear old Quiapo Church. It is part of the market and because there are vegetable stalls in front, you can't really see the stores' entrances, but you can never be lost, because they have huge and visible signages:

Let's tour the place:

1. DIY Beads. 

Facing the market ,this one is on the right side. There are 2 DIY Beads branches here, separated by only one store.

This is the first one.
1st DIY Beads Branch

On the first store, you can find the Metallic Purse Frames:

This is the second one:

2.  Wellmanson's

This is the Go to stop of beadwork people.They sell mostly finished items that you can resell. They also sell beads and other raw materials. The store is very "sosyal", it's air conditioned and very nice... it has the feel of a department store. This Quiapo branch is better than the one they have in Divisoria. It's more spacious.  It looks very out of place,  on this area because , obviously, it's a market place.

3.  Tony's Lace Center and Craft Materials:

Here you can find mostly cross stitch materials, and some very old crochet and knitting stuff. I don't really recommend the store for people with asthma, because it's a very dusty place. But adventurous hoarders like me, doesn't mind.. I was able to buy very old crochet stuff here.. vintage ones. I don't know if they still have it....

4. Madonna's Stitches and Frames

It's a general merchandise store, and if I remember correctly, here you can buy fabric.

5. DMC Frames and stitches:

Obviously, this is a cross stitch store, but I saw some balls of crochet thread and some other items you can use for crochet.

There is another store at the far end of the street. I didn't go there, because the last time I check , the place was dusty and their stocks, well, it's all over the place.It's just near the Excellente ( did I get that right? ) store that sells Chinese hams.

I will try to visit the stores again and maybe feature the inside of the store. You can't really see the front of the stores, because it was partially hidden by the market stalls in front. That is why these stores placed their huge Store Signage on top.

Monday, March 16, 2015

In need of new inspiration

I really lost my momentum to crochet, after a bout of cold, fever and cough at the start of February. Afterwards, my days are preoccupied with catching up with sleep.. and then my son's birthday.. and then too many errands, because I was not able to attend to them when I was sick...  I also lost interest pursuing some of my goals because of a very sad news at the start of this year.

So, to get myself inspired again, so at least I can move forward and achieve my remaining achievable goals, I bought this book to inspire me:

I also went to Tabora to get my dose of "crochet and knitting" energy straight from the craft stores.

I also went to Quiapo. I promised Ate Mimi and Catyanna that we'll go here together, but this trip is unplanned. I remembered that there is a rumour about purse frames being available at DIY BEADS, I really had to see for myself if those are true as soon as I saw the store.

So I got affordable frames :)

Now, I am still trying to get back my focus and my enthusiasm to crochet...

Wednesday, March 11, 2015


After I recovered from that bad bout of fever, cold and cough, I seriously lost interest in crocheting. I was really tempted to re-open my store and just sell everything. That sad news at the start of the year, really changed all my plans this year.

After feeling bad about it, I realized that life goes on and if plan A didn't work, plan B might. I needed to get going, and get back my enthusiasm. 

After my Monday shift, I went home, and decided to go to Quiapo Church. I brought my son and my baby sitter with me, since it's her first time to go there.

My original plan is after Quiapo, we'll go to Tabora in Divisoria. We need to pass by this busy street to get to the jeep-ney route to Divisoria, and I recalled that there is a store here, that I heard of, called DIY Beads.

See that first signage?

Since I am already near that place, I might as well take a peek on this store. I took these pictures in a hurry, because it's a crowded place,  I am afraid that someone will snatch my phone.

Here's how it looks like upfront

This is actually a market place, and you won't really see the front of the stores. That is why there are clear signage for each store because you might not notice them.

And there I found purse frames for sale on this store. I will discuss more about these frames on a separate post.  I heard about it from someone in a Crochet Group.

I didn't bring a lot of cash when I visited so I had to get only those that I really like right away. I might go back because there are sizes that I want to try too. After this trip to the store,Dylan had a tantrum... and already grumpy.

We went home and didn't proceed to Divisoria, so I might go there one of these days alone.

Dylan had a tantrum because I promised that we will look for Guido toy car and we didn't find any lol  Fortunately, when we went grocery shopping the next day, and we found exactly just that:

Lego inspired Cars 2 characters: Guido and Luigi

Happy Dylan again!
So, I think I am slightly recharged.. :)
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