Saturday, January 24, 2015

My knitted finished-offs in 2014

Here are knitted items I finished in 2014. Surprisingly, I was able to knit again last year after deciding to give up on it in 2013.

1. Knitted GAMS

It's not an easy project, but it's not as hard either. The effort paid off, and I decided that there is no other project to use Carmencita Yarn aside from knitting projects such as this.

2. Lace Headband

3. A pair of knitted socks.

4. Cozy

5.Knitted Satchel

6. Lace Bag

7.  Prototype
8. Capelet

9. Brown Bag

I will continue  my  knitting adventures...

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Orchid Crocheted Top : 2nd Finished-Off for 2015


How many times did I promise to use the pattern which I bought 5 years ago?  Better late than later.

Here are my notes on this link: Orchid.  I struggled to finish it because the skirt became boring. I also run out of yarn too many times,   so I used different shades for the skirt and a different shade on the last rows and edging... I replaced TRs on the last 8 rows,  I sort of love the sudden open-ness of the lace on the last few rows... but Mom doesn't want it too long, so the project looks like it was missing a few rows....

I really love how the bodice of this blouse was designed. I really recommend this pattern because it uses the custom fit sizing technique, rather than the standard XS, S, M, L, XL sizing.  Here is my mom feeling happy about the fit of this blouse:

I will make another Orchid, using strictly one shade of yarn..but I really need to work on the Dahlia now and keep that promise I made last year:  Welcoming 2014

My second knitted wearable : GAMS

I finally finished my first knitted pair of shorts or GAMS , as it was called in the pattern. My notes are in GAMS.

It is more form fitting than I thought, so I decided against putting up a modeled pic. :) I didn't follow a lot of things in the pattern, because I don't understand the techniques yet.

It's made entirely of stockinette stitch and some ribbing over 4mm 80 cm circulars and worsted weight acrylic, so naturally, it took a while to finish. I'm proud of my knitting progress though.

So I believe that I'm now ready to tackle this list:  Challenge to be a Real Knitter.

Monday, January 19, 2015

My first Finished-offs for 2015...

I recently finished 2 crocheted wearables:

The Orchid on the last few stages

And the revised Red Sienna top for Ems..

Both are crappy photos, I know..I'm just so lazy to get better pictures...  I will try to improve on taking photos this year.. Although it feels like I'm really hopeless in that department...

Sunday, January 11, 2015

A flower each day for 100 days...

Remember that trend in Instagram last year, about 100 days of happiness? I didn't really get the point of it at first, but I get the idea.

However, I don't really like to be happy in 100 days.. I want to be happy forever.. so instead of posting snap shots of what makes me happy in a day for 100 days, how about a crocheted flower or motif every day for 100 days, instead? Maybe that is more realistic?

Here are two books  which contains pretty flower patterns,all of which I like to try. I bought these books in 2012: 100 Flowers to Knit or Crochet  and 75 Birds and Butterflies

A crocheted or knitted flower each day for 100 days,... Will that be too tedious? I'd like to see for myself... 

52 week savings challenge

I read this article: 52 Week Savings Challenge. This photo shows a graph, but it came from a different source: but from here, you can see right away what the challenge is about.

Joining any challenge is good, as long as you finish it.  Though it will not really solve the problem that I have right now, given the amount required each week, I don't think it will sabotage my carefully laid out plan to pay the rest of our debts this year. 

It wouldn't hurt to have some extra savings at the end of the year. So, after depositing all our coins to the bank today,  as was my personal tradition every time my coin bank is filled with coins, I started on the 52 week challenge.   I originally chose increments of 50 in reverse, but it conflicts with my payment plans so I choose the normal increments of 50.

This time, I used my Hello Kitty coin bank, which I got for free with some purchase of candies, 2 years ago. I don't have any set plans on what I'll do with what I'll be able to save at the end of the year, I just want to rebuild our savings and pay all our remaining debts. 

I am so busy today I am not able to take a photo of my actual coin bank, but it looks exactly like this below:


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