Thursday, July 23, 2015

How to clean dirty yarn..

Dirty Cakes of Yarns

Dirty , Smelly , Dusty Yarns

How to clean dirty yarn..

1. Wind the yarn into hanks:

You can use the yarn swift, a kniddy knoddy or use the back of a chair, whichever works for you.

NOTE: The yarns also smell like they were dipped on dirty water. Eeewww.

2. You have to tie some parts with scrap yarns, quite tightly.

3. Soak them overnight or for at least 6 hours. I used Ariel, but just about any laundry soap will do. These are cotton yarn so you can wash them like you do cotton garments.

4. Wash them like you would normal clothes.. In Tagalog, kuskos, piga, kuskos lol Laba laba pag may time!

After overnight soaking 

NOTE: I haven't tried using stain remover, because I think the dirt is mostly dust. I haven't experienced washing those that are stained, for example  with soy sauce, etc.

5. Rinse with water, for as long as you like. For me, 3 times have done it. Be careful so the strands will not be tangled.

6. Rinse it one last time, this time with fabric conditioner soaked for 30 minutes.

7. Press or whirl, wring out the excess  water gently.

8. Hang to dry!

9. Feed it to your yarn winder and it should be just good as new...

Before: Light Brown and Off White

The colors were better after cleaning them.

dried hanks of clean nice smelling yarn

 And that is how you clean your dirty yarn.