Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's take a walk...

Let's take a walk...

I forgot which movie I heard this line.. Or what is a Koreanovela?  The character asks another character,  who is upset,  to take a walk with her, so they can talk, and he can calm down.

Walking is a good exercise, and while it does not really burn a lot of calories,  (I guess if you walked from Bataan to Baguio , you will definitely burn some calories though) , it has a lot of health benefits. I used to think that I don't have time to walk, until I found my way here. This is somewhere in Alabang.

I walk here in the mornings when it's not raining. The grass along the sidewalk,  reminds me of my childhood in the province. The shade of trees in this path, looks out of place in this busy city.

Walking here is not really completely safe, there is a risk involved , you have to  remind yourself that this is still in the city.

The area is not crowded in the mornings,and if something happens to you while walking here, no one will see you right away.

But I walk here everyday anyway.. because the route that I used to take , to get to the jeepney stop is too crowded. Here the air is a bit fresh.. and by walking alone in this quiet area, I can hear my thoughts better.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Imagination Needed

I realized that in the past, I kept on focusing on how something is not possible, versus the "how" that something is done. Slowly, I'm trying to change my mindset.. and this captured my thoughts for the day.


I started stash busting  starting on the ugliest of my yarns.. the scrappiest ones..  See this post: Where I left off in my stash busting

scrap projects
The items on the photo above? I frogged those.. grouped the yarns by colors, then used them to make bags.   Here is a sample:

While I liked the overall effect of this bag, specially the bottom part, I can say that there is something lacking about this bag. It's not the fabric lining, but something that I just cannot find a term for.

I don't really have a design in mind when I made this bag.  I just add a small skein of scrap yarn as previous ones got used up and do DCs for each row..  until the scraps are used up. I applied the same principle while trying to use the acrylic scraps..

I was able to use up most of the "scraps".. I thought that I can just continue on until I reach the prettiest of my yarns stash based on the list that I made, but, after 3 or 4 bags, I am tired.. and unenthusiastic about the project.

I am not satisfied with the outputs.

It took a while for me to get back to my stash busting.. and now, I am dealing with my old crochet thread stash....  here's a sample lot:

Canon crochet thread in MB119

Now the next yarns have longer yardage-s, and I am thinking of doing the same things.. rows and rows of DCs.. and then I realized that it's not going to work.. I will get tired and bored and will be at risk of not completing the task at hand..

I observed my son while he's playing. The more toys he puts out of his toy box, the more he will get tired with each toy.. and in the end he will loose focus altogether, and will suddenly remember that he can play with the next door neighbor's child, leaving the toys scattered on our living room.

I realized that maybe that is the same case with me.. after all , there is a child in each of everyone of us.. The more yarns I put out, the more I don't know what to start working on.. I am easily overwhelmed..

I need more imagination if I want to make the most out of this stash busting. but I also need a lot of focus...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

WIP: Peach Irish Crochet Motifs

I have 20 mini skeins of this Perle thread,which I got from the famous Craft World sale.  I got them because a fellow crocheter offered to swap them for one skein of Southmaid Cotton 8.

I like this color, and this perle thread has this very nice sheen but I feel a little sad whenever I see them in my stash. Because they remained unused for a long time...

The reason is that I cannot  find a suitable project to use them for is that , I am fond of big projects, and with only 20 skeins, what kind of project can I make?

Pag dating sa stash, merong #Forever.

I don't want to see this yarn in my stash again, so I decided to put them to use.

Irish Crochet Motifs in Progress

I used them to make these motifs. The yardage is very very short. I only made 5 pieces of flowers per each skein. I  designated 2 skeins for the padding cords.

Making this flowers is a nice diversion whenever I got tired adding rows to the Dahlia... at least, I am slowly removing old yarns from my stash...   I just felt that motifs are the best projects for this thread..

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Because I tend to buy things in bulk, whenever I use them all up, I felt  more satisfied lol I'm probably the weirdest person alive, for being happier seeing the bottle almost empty, than when it was still full. It makes me feel that the purchase if justified, whenever I use something to the last drop.

Now, I recently run out of this product from the Body Shop.  And I just felt happier for emptying this tube. I am still in search for beauty product to match my skin and my age. I'm not saying that I was not happy with this product, but I think it does not really address the problems on my skin.

I hope that I can use up my yarns as fast as I used up this beauty product lol

Monday, August 3, 2015


by Annabelle M. Agustin

After I graduated from college, I got a job, got my own place, and then , I met Bill.

Bill is obnoxious, unbearable, rude and brings people down. And the worst part, he is immortal. He will never die, and will roam the earth long after we are gone. I can't shake off the realization, that the more I earn, the more he takes,  for some reason.

Every month Bill visits me, as he is very punctual,  and takes away my money, so, there's no escaping him, and I...I had to pay him.

So he always say: "You asked for it!!". He makes a point that you remember that he didn't ask you to have him in his life.  (The nerve! eyes rolling... )

The problem is, I can't live without him. Or I might as well just live in the forest, and do a Henry David Thoreau, watch the ants battle and stuff.

I might be able to lessen my dependence to anything that he represents.

I can tell you how hard it is, as I've been doing that since I signed a contract with my husband. The contract does not discuss how to deal with Bill though.  Sometimes, I think that it might be easier to just give Bill all your money.

But I still hope that someone will somehow hurt him and disable him for like 3 months, so I can recover from the pain .

I am not sure if only us women, knows Bill. Maybe Bill is a sexist and a woman-hater?

There are several moods  of Bill too.. Aquatic type, electric type, mobile type, insured type and geodetic type. I have this long standing battle with his financial type.

Oh, and I met a new addition to his moods.... The educational type.

I found out that he has a brother too.. his name is Tax. Who is even more irritating than Bill. Tax is just like a curse.

The only good thing that came from these two,  is that they have a sister, her name is Responsible. You met the brothers, and you will be just like their sister. But still...

If you see Bill somewhere, please kick his ass for me, will you?

But not Tax, because they will see us in court for that, and no one ever wants to meet Bill there.

Photo from www.frugalwiz.com

Wardrobe goals: 1.5 : Purge, Repair, Utilize, Repeat

I am having a hard time letting go those items in my wardrobe which I haven't used in a long time. But it is something that I have to do.  I don't want to be too hard on myself, for fear of a relapse.

I was thinking that maybe, I can just give up all of it, and save some funds for a completely brand new wardrobe. That would have been the easiest thing to do, but that is the most expensive way to do it. However, I still trust the word "gradual".  Besides, I don't want to add to our current expenses.

Here are old pairs of pants, which obviously , most of which, no longer fit. Some of these are pre pregnancy clothes ( my son now 3 years old for crying out loud ), and some are obviously out of fashion ( flared boot cut jeans ?  I forgot what they call it) , so these are my work clothes when I started working in 2006.  I brought them back from Bataan, so I can deal with them this year. Okay, there are 2 pairs that miraculously fit.

You can't wake up the next day already a different person.. or maybe that is possible if you just had a facial reconstruction or plastic surgery under Dra.  Belo, ... I am not sure.

When it comes to my clutter / wardrobe problem,  I decided on this formula:  Purge, Repair, Utilize, Repeat.

1. Purge
I plan to remove 2 items each week or at the very  least , once a month.

2. Repair

There are a lot of items in our house that needs to be repaired. There are old wristwatches which just need new batteries. Some clothes which needs some sewing on the helm etc.

3. Utilize

I have to push myself and my household, to use up everything that we can.

4. Repeat.

These pairs of jeans are slightly used. Those two piles are one for pre-pregnancy clothes, then the other one Sykes Asia days jeans. I  have this habit of buying jeans in like 4 pairs in one go, then after a few weeks, I will gain weight and end up being one size bigger than the jeans. I recalled giving mom  6 pairs of jeans that I just bought a month prior, because they no longer fit. I worn each pair only once.

Well, those are my call center days and I have my salary ( with OT) all to myself.  I really felt that I was richer back in those days, although the salary rate of call center agents 7 years ago are not really as competitive. Well, I had free housing then. I don't pay rent. Oh, and I don't have credit card debt back then ! ahhahahaha

Anyway.. these jeans needs to be dealt with within the next 2 months. It is impossible for me to use them all up. Only 2 fits, so I have to find lucky girls to donate them to , but the problem is.. the 2nd pile is already out of fashion.

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