Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hello October...

I realized that time flies so fast when you are in your 30s.

Now, it's October and I'm closed to finishing only one goal...

I've been sidetracked by these bookmarks.. and my head aches terribly in the past weeks so....

And I ran out of yarn for Dahlia. Apparently there is a shortage of Canon crochet thread so.

I guess trying to finish backlogs are not really worth it? Anyway I know exactly what to do whenever I doubt my goals....

So how about you? How is your year so far?

Monday, September 14, 2015

Getting Re-Acquianted with Shawls

Making shawls, either knitted or crocheted , is a good way to explore on lace. This is perfect because you don't have to worry about gauge that much, shaping is important, but still  only minimal. 

Shawls are also the perfect projects to experiment on color combinations. You make your shawl in neon green, with loud orange colored yarn for edging,  and you can still wear it, because it is only an accessory, meant to pop out , and accentuate your outfits,  as compared to making a wedding gown in neon green, I don't think that it's even an option.  It is also a nice project to experiment on drape.

I am not really a fan of shawls,  (and of scarves and of cowls.) These are not part of my wardrobe, but I am stash busting now and shawls presented themselves as the perfect projects to use up your stash yarns with.

At the same time, making shawls and scarves and cowls, will be a way for me to get over my prejudice with these projects.  This time though, I meant to use and wear what I make.

Besides, we live in a tropical country , so we don't really have it as a typical part of the wardrobe. But having worked in air conditioned offices for some 9 years now, I think I can easily incorporate crocheted ( and knitted ) lace in my get up.

The only shawl that I made in my 8 years of crocheting is this shawl: Tropical Shawl.

The virus shawl has captured my attention, and I found at least 3 variations of the lovely pattern. I will share more about the Virus Shawl pattern or formerly known as The German Scalloped Shawl , in my next posts.

I started with these two shawls. One with 2.5mm hook and the other , 3.5mm hook. The yarn I used is part of my old crochet thread stash.  I want to know which one will drape better, at the same time, this will allow me to experiment on unusual color combinations.

It seems that I am only starting on projects but never really finish them.  (So prolific).. but actually, I am about to finish 2 wearables, and I wanted to have a breather, from the monotonous last rows of same stitches..

Saturday, September 12, 2015

In Silence

I haven't shared any finished project recently so it looked as if I don't have any outputs.  I am working on big projects, and there are 5 of them. I am a very prolific.. but adding 3.-5 rows everyday on 5 different projects has helped me keep my focus and it prevents me from being bored.

It's really boring when you work the same stitches over and over, specially on the knitting project which I started recently.. 120 rows of stockinette stitch will bore you to hell..

I also started to keep my mouth shut ( and that includes my "online" mouth.. meaning.. I stopped sharing things in social media. )  and just continue on my projects.

I am close to finishing 2 projects at this time... and very soon.. I am going to share them. For now.. this has captured my thoughts for the day:
There are a lot of things that I missed out on,  because I talk more than I listen.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Old Crochet Thread Stash Inventory

I started on stash busting my old crochet thread stash in 2012. By old, I mean, my very first crochet thread purchases , as early as 2008.  I sold most of the nicest colors in my famous de-stashing in 2012. And that is perhaps one of the reasons why the stash busting did not reach 100% completion. While it's a good thing that I was able to sell the nicest colors, it means that the not so nice colors are left in my stash.

I don't really  know what to do with mismatched colors, or maybe I know, however, I am not really into motifs and small projects.

But, it's about time that I use up these balls of thread.I can no longer sell them, or if I can , it will be for a very low price.

I sorted them up again and again, and here are the final groupings ...

A. Loose balls / skeins:  one ball or less for each shade.
Multicolored ones.



B. Groups that has 3 balls  or more:



Some colors have more than 3 balls of yarn,which means it can be used for a one big project. Some has only one ball for each hue.

In 2014, I put up a very good fight against my acrylic yarn stash, and one of the projects I made is this bag:

I don't have a particular design in mind, and I just made rows of HDC for this bag.  I wanted to be more creative with the use of the remaining stash though. For the "loose skeins" of different colors, the solutions I can think of are:

1. Use them up for motifs like multi colored granny squares, and African flower Motifs
2. Use them up for irish motifs
3. Use them up for striped projects
4. Use them up for Tapestry crochet

I am thinking of these usable projects:
1. wearables: shrugs, beach shorts, tunics, skirts
2. shawls

Or, some decors:
3. table covers, doilies, blanket

Anyway, it can be anything, but the idea is to use them all up .

I already started using the ones with the most number of balls

I am starting to loose patience lol

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Let's take a walk...

Let's take a walk...

I forgot which movie I heard this line.. Or what is a Koreanovela?  The character asks another character,  who is upset,  to take a walk with her, so they can talk, and he can calm down.

Walking is a good exercise, and while it does not really burn a lot of calories,  (I guess if you walked from Bataan to Baguio , you will definitely burn some calories though) , it has a lot of health benefits. I used to think that I don't have time to walk, until I found my way here. This is somewhere in Alabang.

I walk here in the mornings when it's not raining. The grass along the sidewalk,  reminds me of my childhood in the province. The shade of trees in this path, looks out of place in this busy city.

Walking here is not really completely safe, there is a risk involved , you have to  remind yourself that this is still in the city.

The area is not crowded in the mornings,and if something happens to you while walking here, no one will see you right away.

But I walk here everyday anyway.. because the route that I used to take , to get to the jeepney stop is too crowded. Here the air is a bit fresh.. and by walking alone in this quiet area, I can hear my thoughts better.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

More Imagination Needed

I realized that in the past, I kept on focusing on how something is not possible, versus the "how" that something is done. Slowly, I'm trying to change my mindset.. and this captured my thoughts for the day.

I started stash busting  starting on the ugliest of my yarns.. the scrappiest ones..  See this post: Where I left off in my stash busting

scrap projects
The items on the photo above? I frogged those.. grouped the yarns by colors, then used them to make bags.   Here is a sample:

While I liked the overall effect of this bag, specially the bottom part, I can say that there is something lacking about this bag. It's not the fabric lining, but something that I just cannot find a term for.

I don't really have a design in mind when I made this bag.  I just add a small skein of scrap yarn as previous ones got used up and do DCs for each row..  until the scraps are used up. I applied the same principle while trying to use the acrylic scraps..

I was able to use up most of the "scraps".. I thought that I can just continue on until I reach the prettiest of my yarns stash based on the list that I made, but, after 3 or 4 bags, I am tired.. and unenthusiastic about the project.

I am not satisfied with the outputs.

It took a while for me to get back to my stash busting.. and now, I am dealing with my old crochet thread stash....  here's a sample lot:

Canon crochet thread in MB119

Now the next yarns have longer yardage-s, and I am thinking of doing the same things.. rows and rows of DCs.. and then I realized that it's not going to work.. I will get tired and bored and will be at risk of not completing the task at hand..

I observed my son while he's playing. The more toys he puts out of his toy box, the more he will get tired with each toy.. and in the end he will loose focus altogether, and will suddenly remember that he can play with the next door neighbor's child, leaving the toys scattered on our living room.

I realized that maybe that is the same case with me.. after all , there is a child in each of everyone of us.. The more yarns I put out, the more I don't know what to start working on.. I am easily overwhelmed..

I need more imagination if I want to make the most out of this stash busting. but I also need a lot of focus...

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