Wednesday, October 22, 2014

71 days before end of the year: Oct 21

I'm doing my own count down towards end of the year. There are only 71 more days left before end of this year..   I have a lot of goals which I want to finish.

So, aside from household chores, I also made sure that I added some rows on my 3 projects. Here are my progress for Oct 21.

1. Red Sienna Top in Canon crochet thread.

I finished Rows 1 -5 of my project. I'm making a top for my friend Ems. She wanted her top in deep dark red color. Good thing I have this color in my stash.

I really missed crocheting in thread so this is a welcome diversion. I have been knitting and crocheting worsted weight acrylic yarn and I'm really getting bored.

2. Peach Capelet from recycled yarns..

First try on the capelet

I frogged the first try and settled for 164 CO stitch.  The extra 74 stitches will be distributed around the work.

Today I started on the reverse stockinette stitch for the body.. I like the raglan sleeve construction.. I just hope that the entire cake will be enough for the project...

3. Finished both legs of my knitted GAMS...

I don't think I like this manner of construction.. but I want to learn it...

For Oct 22, my goal is to complete the remaining small details of these projects..

I really need to finish them...


Monday, October 20, 2014

Only 71 days left...

Time really flies ... and even though I sulked lesser this year and is generally in a better mood than in 2012 and in 2013.. I still feel that I haven't done my best this year...

I wanted to make sure that the next 71 days until end of this year will be used wisely... talk about being too hard on myself again ahahhahah
No, I'm not cramming, really lol..

For this day , I made a list of simple crafty tasks that I want to finish... I will check later in the evening if I am able to finish those,and will blog about it the next day....

Acrylic Yarn Stash busting : Knitted GAMS in progress

I found this free knitting pattern on this website.  GAMS /

I chose to use this pattern because:
1. I want to improve my knitting.
2. A knitted pair of shorts is a practical project to make out of acrylic. This is a project that I will definitely use..
3. I like acrylic yarn when knitted in stockinette stitch.

Now, knitting will take some time I know, but I'd rather spend time on a project that I will actually use, than frog again later. I chose to knit my Carmencita Yarns instead of crochet , because knitting uses lesser yarn than crochet and I only have limited skeins of Carmencita left.

Here are the work-in-progress pictures:

A few rows when I started it.. this colorway has given an interesting effect on the project..

Carmencita Yarns

I made a mistake because I thought it will start on the waist  , so I had to frog it.. but that's actually the point in each project... you learn from your mistake...

Right and Left leg..the other one set aside and the stitches placed on stitch holders.

I am still waiting for ADDI 4.0mm circular needle to be restocked in Dreams Yarnshoppe. I really wanted to use 4.0mm circulars, so I travelled to Divisoria to buy China made circular knitting needles, which  proved to be good buys!

And you know what, 4.00mm and worsted weight acrylic yarn go so well together in stockinette stitch... I should probably never use any other size for acrylic lol 

It took a while to really stick with this project.. you know.. knitting wearables is like uncharted waters for me... but then.. i'm 30.. I have to learn this before I turn 40...

Project updates: Bag made from ODD colored yarn

I found these cakes of yarn in my stash: At first I don't remember how I ended up having these, then I recalled that these are freebies from the Yarn Source Manila yarn shop. I got these as birthday gift from the owner, along with other interesting yarns,  in 2012.

Multicolored yarns from Baguio

I actually struggled to find suitable, usable patterns out of these yarns. I am not inclined to do small items recently, and wanted to make sure that whatever yarn I will use, will be used up to the last skein and to the last yarn, all in one project.

I ended up knitting a bag. Here are progress pics of my knitted bag:

front of the bag
This yarn here, with yellow, orange, and blue strands also came from Baguio. I bought this one from Hangar Market. I had to double the strand so it will become thicker. But that is a miscalculation that I didn't try to correct.. the front is now softer than the back because of that...

multicolor yarn from baguio. worked in double strands..
back of the bag, it gives an interesting blending of colors when knitted too bad I don't have more
Now this is the bag with the back in shown..

This is actually a prototype of 2 designs that I have in mind. It seems forever to finish the rows of stockinette stitch. The bag looks flat,design-wise, but it does have a very nice shape when filled up with items. That is one thing that I'm looking for in a bag, the way it holds it shape when filled up , because most of the time, bags are nice to look at until you start to fill them up with items.

I combined the yarns in one project, even if they don't have the same colours and don't really complement each other , because I can't think of any project to make from these cakes of yarn. ( Call that knitter prejudice, but I just want them all off my stash eheheheh  )

I also wanted to explore shaping on knitting. I will add appliques,  zippers and lining in the future...

If procrastinating to add  bag linings is a crime...I would have been in jail already... I will definitely finish the bag linings before this year ends...



When using loose multi stranded yarn or plied yarn like these, you can twist it a bit to the opposite side so it will not be caught on the hook or knitting needle...

Sunday, October 19, 2014

How my weekend ended up with a movie and not a knitted wearable

 I originally planned to crochet and knit the whole weekend, but I forgot that we have a schedule at the DFA to renew some passports.

My husband and I decided to watch a feel good movie after that. So we ended up choosing Dracula: Untold. Bwahahahahahahaha

After the movie, we went home and talked about what we liked and what we don't like about what we watched.  (Or according to my  husband, what I found funny or ridiculous. )

I like Luke Evans' portrayal of the title character. I like his deep voice and I like how he recites some lines from a poem  and make it sound beautiful and not cheesy. I found small references to the original novel,but the story is about Vlad the Impaler, not Dracula.

My husband is not fond of history or  books. But for him Luke's Dracula is convincing and he is good looking too. I told him his acting is also very good because Luke is openly gay so I like him even more for that.

Husband told me that he does not believe me because I always say  that,  whenever he praises someone for having good looks and nice abs. lol bhwhahahahaha I told him that I have proof from

Vlad the Impaler

We spent a few more hours joking about what we watched, so we forgot that our laundry for this week has piled up. We actually forgot that our babysitter is on leave, so he ended up doing the laundry, while I do the dishes and cleaned up our bedroom.

I was not able to knit as much as I want this weekend, but I was able to knit 5 skeins of yarn for the knitted shorts that I'm making. I was also knitting an Anthropologie Inspired Capelet.

this is the right leg of the knitted shorts

My last skeins of multicolored carmencita yarn
the ribbing of the peach capelet

from this selection of recycled yarns, only the peach one is unused.

I thought I'd spend my whole weekend knitting, but I ended up with a movie.

Dylan is on vacation with his grandma, so I might as well use this week to catch up on my projects. October is about to end, and after that, Christmas is so near, I really wanted to use up my acrylic yarns! AJA!

Friday, October 17, 2014

My new knitting mill and some knitting progress..

I have been looking for a knitting mill since 2 years ago. It was quite expensive and apparently the cheapest that I can find is that one from Ice Yarns, for 19.99 USD, but it is now out of stock.

Last week I went to Divisoria and I found this cheaper version of a knitting mill, although on our currency, this is still quite pricey... I bought it anyway, since I realized the potential of using this for my stash busting projects...

Knitting Mill distributed by Everson in Divisoria

I am still testing and experimenting with it. Meanwhile, here are my work-in-progress knitting projects..

Knitting with multicolored Carmencita
I frogged this because it's quite too big !

Now, as I am really struggling to use up my acrylic yarn stash.. I want to not bore myself to death, so I decided to add variations in my choice or projects.. knitting is a welcome addition to my options...

I really like stockinette stitch with acrylic yarn and 4.0mm circulars..
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